There are six hostels and six houses in the institution. The hostels and houses are named after renowned personalities of Muslims history namely Allama Muhammad Iqbal hostel (Tipu Sultan House), Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar hostel (Jabir bin-e-Hayyan House), Muhammad Ali Jinnah hostel (Comprising two Houses like Mir Naseer Khan Noori House and Jamal-ud-din Afghani House), Khushal Khan Khattak hostel and Muhammad Ali Khan Shaheed Hostel (Imam Fakhar-ud-din Razi House). The houses are supervised and managed by house management i-e Housemasters, two Assistant Housemasters and wardens.

Hostel Management
The following staff members are responsible to look after, to supervise and to manage the academic and hostel affaires of the students.

1. Senior Housemaster:
The Senior Housemaster is the overall in-charge of all the houses/hostels of the students keeping himself informed about their activities from the post academic hours to the Morning Assembly.
2. Housemasters:
Housemasters are the heads of their respective houses. They are responsible for providing overall necessary guidance and counseling to the students. In addition to this, they also have a vigilance eagle watch on their extra activities round the clock.
3. Assistant Housemasters (General):
They are responsible for the maintenance of buildings, furniture/fixture, electrical, plumbing, masonry and other minor repair work of their houses.
4. Assistant Housemasters (Academic):
They are responsible for providing books, stationery items etc to the students. Besides they also supervise their preps and extra coaching classes.
5. Wardens: They are part and parcel of the Hostel Management System. They stay at their respective houses at night and day time in the post academic & pre-prep hours to ensure their sleeping and wake-up or reveille.