Principal's Message

Imparting quality education to the posterity is really an uphill task. It requires devotion, enthusiasm, perseverance and commitment on the part of educationists as well as educators. Lack of sincerity and candid efforts do not produce the required results, and thus one may fail to change the destiny of the poor and deprived citizens of the Province. As indicated by the aims and objectives of the institution, it always stands for knowledge, moral strength, rationalism and enlightenment that go a long way in bringing about changes in educational, political and social areas of the province and country at large. As a learning institution parallel endeavours are being made to develop a community not only conversant with a cosmopolitan outlook, tolerant attitude, purpose-oriented thinking but completely alert to the changes, challenges and needs of the time.
I firmly believe that all goals of this noble cause would be achieved soon through the selfless devotion, magnificent guidance, single minded commitment, close coordination and profound cooperation of the staff and students.